Les Dames

Les Dames History

Moving to the Westbank in the 60's was an adventure. Timberlane was a young growing neighborhood. There may have been only one bridge across the river and no public transportation, but this side of the river was a lovely country-type environment in which to raise a family. Timberlane had its own bus going to all New Orleans schools - then picking up household help at different stops and returning later in the afternoon.

 Our mothers organized to develop social and sporting activities for the children in Timberlane. The advent of the golf club was breath taking and the outcome was wonderful! Teen dances, swim team, tennis and golf lessons, gymnastics, ping pong, judo, art classes - all at Timberlane.

Out of this came Les Dames de Timberlane, formed in 1969. Actually the first Les Dames meeting was held in my den. For years we have had great memories of luncheons together, informative programs, style shows, tasting luncheons with cookbooks, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and much more. It's now interesting to see many of our children returning to raise their children at Timberlane!

Les Dames 2016-2017 Board Members

President - Pepper Scheffler
Vice-President- Pauline Colomb
Recording Secretary - Rhonda DeFelice-Mouton
Corresponding Secretary - Barbara Perkins
Treasurer - Adele Matherne
At-Large Members - Deen Hart, Gayle Campbell, Dianne Cruze, Kathy Johnson, Rhonda Panepinto